New Way is proud to be different. Read on to find out why...

When you’re choosing the right dive school it’s important to think about what facilities are like. Our facilities were designed to make your experience with us as comfortable and relaxed as possible. There’s several classrooms where we do our academics sessions, giving you a little peace and quiet to soak up all the information. The equipment is just over a year old and is maintained regularly.There’s complimentary tea coffee and water to keep you hydrated and caffeinated both in the dive center and on the boats. And most importantly our communal area is a great place to chill out after you dives, hang out with the staff and other divers or grab a beer from the Ice Shop next door (the cheapest place on the island to buy beer)and talk about all the wonderful fish you have seen that day.

Dive Boats

We have two boats to get you to and from the dive sites, whether its Chumpon pinnacle in the big blue or the crystal clear waters of Sail Rock. Both boats are equipped with emergency oxygen and first aid supplies. They also come fully stocked with tea, coffee, water, cookies and fresh fruit for our dive trips. Both our boats have a shaded area to keep cool in as well as a sundeck for those who want to work on their tan in between dives.

New Way Boat 2

Study Areas

Our PADI Courses all require knowledge. It is the most important part of diving. There’s short videos to watch and there’s theory sessions to get through. We don’t want you to feel like you’ve gone back to school whilst you are on holiday so we make every effort to make sure that you are comfortable, when you learn with us. We’ve got 3 Thai style classrooms and we use them to teach you in a personal Thai style environment where you are away from the hustle and bustle of Koh Tao. It’ll just be you with your instructor and you’ll be well hydrated and we’ll even give you some energy boosting snacks to keep your brain engaged. Remember we only ever teach in groups of 4 students to 1 instructor so you’ll get the privacy to help you easily absorb the knowledge before you head out diving. We also use our communal areas during the day time for study if we are busy so there really is plenty of space to learn.


Communal Areas

After a great time diving with us, if you want to hang out then we’ve got the space to do so. In fact we have 3 communal areas. There is nothing worse than getting back from the boat and your guide or instructor immediately disappearing. We choose our staff wisely, they’re all social bunnies who’ll want to have a beer with you and chat about Koh Tao, their lives and your life more. They’re genuinely interested in meeting people and having a laugh and that all starts at New Way. To be surprised if you are invited to see a view point or to join our staff for dinner. Diving is a way of life for all of them and they’ll love to share their diving knowledge or expertise about  what to get up to the island over an ice cold beer and maybe a bite to eat. We’ve got the cheapest beer on the island and great take away food surrounding the shop, so you’ll sometimes stay late into the night enjoying yourself with our family. We’re environmentally friendly too of course so once you’re done with your beer or food please put it in the right recycling bin!