New Way Diving's accommodation packages.

Many of the dive operations on Koh Tao either have their own accommodation options on site (the larger dive factories all do this). We aim to focus on the diving and diving alone. We offer fantastic accommodation local to our dive shop. If you want to stay somewhere else, no problem, we also give great advice on where to stay locally. If you want to stay further a field, as long as it does not require a 4×4 vehicle to get there, we will come and pick you up and drop you off for your diving with our taxis. We’re here to let you make the right accommodation choice for your budget and your preferences.

We use 2 different dormitories presently. They both have AC, are clean, have lockers and wifi and have the toilet and shower in the room. One is a 5 person dormitory and the other is a 6 person dormitory. These cost only 300 baht per night as we get a discount on your behalf when you book through us.

If you want more privacy, check out our  local accommodation options below. Koh Tao can get busy at differing times of the year, so make sure that you book early. If all of our available options are full when things get busy then we will go to great lengths to find you a great alternative.



We only use the best accommodation locally and Koya really is a fantastic hotel. Spotlessly clean, kind & friendly staff, ensuite toilet, hot shower, wifi, fridge, TV (albeit Thai), small verandas and a great quiet location put this place in high demand. It’s also right next door to our dive shop. You’ll get a twin or double fan room.

Renting a scooter on Koh Tao can be daunting. Especially as most shops will try to screw you when you return the bike. Koya is one of the few not like this. If they have run out of bikes we will take you to another reputable scooter rental place free of charge so you can be mobile if you want to be without the worry of getting over charged if you have a prang!

Please remember, ONLY rent a scooter if you have previous experience driving on island style roads! We want you to dive and any scrapes or cuts means you won’t be able to get in the water.

Prices range from 600 baht per night for a fan room to 1200 baht for an AC room. It totally depends when you stay on Koh Tao, so please contact us to see what rate we can get you. All rooms are available in twin or double.